Franklin, TN

Our partnership with Liberty Elementary came about when school leaders reached out to FFUMC in need. These needs take different shapes but over the past few years, Franklin First has sought to love our neighbors by responding to these needs. Our partnership with this local elementary school is based on a larger mission for all churches in our community to partner with and support the youth in our schools.

As these relationships are formed we can more easily be aware of the needs in our community and therefore Franklin First can live our mission outside our church walls.

At different times, Liberty has come to Franklin with the following needs that have helped shape what our partnership looks like.

  • Supporting young students, especially Pre-K students with parents who only speak Spanish, in their reading and learning
  • Offering homework help
  • Providing support for families in crisis
  • Providing food and other needs during the holiday seasons
  • Supporting teachers and staff when morale is low with notes, gifts, and meals

Our partnership with Liberty Elementary has introduced us to many members of our community that might never walk into our church building, particularly our Hispanic neighbors.

And through this partnership, many Liberty families have come to work in our Giving Garden! Jesus is clear that we are called to love children, and FFUMC does this wonderfully through our youth and children’s ministries. But our Liberty partnership offers us yet another way to love the children (and their families) in our communities.

Current needs for this mission are providing and serving lunch for teachers, but we are always ready for any invitation the school offers! When those invitations come, we will be ready, and we would love for you to join us in this work.