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Stephen Ministry

We’ve all been there when life gets difficult. However, it’s through those experiences we can make a difference in the lives of others. Stephen Ministry is a program that’s been at Franklin First UMC since 1996. It’s a ministry where you are trained on how to listen and care for others who are experiencing grief, divorce, loneliness, job loss, health problems and so many other life difficulties.
  • Mention that our church has a Stephen Ministries program and that you feel that he or she might benefit from talking with a Stephen Minister.
  • Ask the person for permission to talk with a Stephen Leader about the possibility of a Stephen Minister being assigned.
  • Promptly contact Pastor Carlisle, Karen Hunter or Bonnie Kays about the person’s interest in possibly having a Stephen Minister. One of our Stephen Leaders will contact the person to discuss Stephen Ministry in detail and assign a Stephen Minister if one is available and appropriate.

Request to Have a Stephen Minister

If there is a time when you feel the need to talk to someone regarding stresses you are facing, please don’t hesitate to contact Rev. Carlisle Jones at cjones@franklinfumc.org or 615-794-2734.

A new group of Stephen Ministers is trained periodically. If you would like more information about becoming a Stephen Minister, contact Rev. Carlisle Jones at cjones@franklinfumc.org or Bonnie Kays at bonniekays@aol.com

Download the  Stephen Minister Application

Become a Stephen Minister