March 2017


Franklin First UMC continues to grow with the addition of new new groups, programs and ways to reach the community for Christ.

July 2015


On December 6, 2015 the congregation of Franklin First UMC moved to the new Main Campus at Mack Hatcher. The Historic Sanctuary at 5th Avenue has remained a center for worship on Sunday mornings.

February 2007

June 1997


On June 29, 1997, the Education-Activities Center was consecrated. This 37,000 square foot building marked a new era in the ministry of historic Franklin First UMC.

December 1995


The historic sanctuary was refurbished, the bell tower was restored, and the steeple, destroyed in the 1920s, was replaced.

January 1968


The historic Kenneday House (built in 1835) was acquired from church members; it was used for church offices until our move to the Main Campus in 2015.

January 1949

January 1916

January 1871

January 1869


The present triangular lot at 5th Avenue and Church Street was acquired by the decree of Chancery Court in April, 1869.

January 1829

January 1812


A “Methodist Society” was organized in Franklin and a brick building raised on the east side of 1st Avenue at the end of Church Street.

January 1799


Land for a Methodist church was provided by Franklin founder Abram Maury at the time of the city’s founding, making this the oldest worshipping congregation in Franklin and Williamson County.

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