About 415 Youth

415 Youth focuses on building and maintaining relationships throughout our programs and ministries.  We strive to be a place where young people belong; where they are accepted and loved for who they are and they have an important place and part to play in a much larger story.

Values & Goals

We teach the story of God. Youth engage God’s Word and the faith stories of people of the Bible through study, reflection, and conversation. We want youth to understand the full story of God and see their place in that story.
The United Methodist Church has a rich and deep history. We want young people to understand that being a part of the community of FFUMC means they are a part of a family of millions of United Methodists around the world working together to fulfill Christ’s calling for the Church.
John Wesley said “The Bible knows no solitary religion.” Christ stressed over and over the importance of community. We are called to journey together. We strive to build a Christian community of love, support, encouragement, and accountability. Here I am. It can be challenging to recognize God’s presence in our busy lives. We provide focused opportunities to awaken to God’s presence and give youth tools to seek and recognize God in all things, to listen to God’s call, and pursue their calling passionately.

Many young people experience God’s love through service. Serving others is a reminder that life is not about us. Christ came as a servant and calls us to be servants as well. Click here to find out more about how to serve with 415 Youth.

What We Do

Sunday Mornings Thrive at 10:00 a.m.

THRIVE is focused on building friendships, engaging activities, relevant messages, and small group conversations.

The purpose of THRIVE is to:

  • BELONG in a community where we can be ourselves, be accepted, and be loved.
  • CONNECT to peers and adult mentors, to God’s Word, and to worship, and service.
  • GROW in relationships, in faith, and in serving.

What happens at Thrive?

  • Community Time. Meet together for games and community building, and worship.
  • A relevant and engaging message that introduces the topic and sets the stage for small group conversations.
  • Small Groups meet in Age-Level Classes for conversation about the topic and real-life application of the lessons.

We are always looking to add adults to our Small Group Leader Team! Build relationships with youth. Facilitate and participate in small group activities and discussions using a provided guide. Pray with youth.

Sunday Night Youth Group

The purpose of these monthly events is to come together as a youth group for shared fun experiences, to build relationships and community, and to celebrate being a youth group.  For all youth in 7-12 grade.

Events Include: Back to School Bash, Christmas Party, Hayride and Bonfire, and many more!

Wednesday Night Live

  • 6:00 Pizza and Hang out time
  • 6:30-7:30 Groups Meet

There is a small group for each grade and gender.

Each D-Group has a team of 2-3 adult leaders who stay with their group for several years – most all the way through 12th grade! These adults become important friends and mentors to all the youth in the group.

These groups are fertile ground for discipleship and to develop deep relationships with youth and adult leaders. Each week youth are building relationships with adults who care about them and with one another.

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