Let everyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who wishes to take the water of life as a gift. –Revelation 22:17

Sunday Adult Classes

Are you thirsty?

If you are thirsty for answers to the twists and turns of life’s challenging journey, we invite and encourage all visitors and members to join a Sunday School class, study God’s Word and become a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. We believe it is essential for every child of God to study the scriptures. Sunday School provides the opportunity for spiritual nourishment on a weekly basis.

Franklin First UMC offers 25 various classes for adults each Sunday morning at 8:45, 10:00 & 11:15 a.m.

8:15, 8:30 & 8:45 a.m. Classes

Gen-Rev Class (begins at 8:15 am)- Adults of all ages
8:15 a.m.; Room B-139

Join us for a 90 minute, in-depth study of the Bible.
Living Word – Intergenerational
8:45 a.m.; Room B-132/B-133

Recognizing the Bible as the Divinely inspired Word of God, we desire to study and apply its teachings to our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Weekly Readers – Adults 40 and up
8:45 a.m.; Room A-114
This group book study delves into the pages of thought provoking authors such as Henri Nowen, Philip Yancey, Marcus Borg, and Karen Armstrong. Join us for engaging faith discussion.

Voyagers- Couples & Singles 55 & up
8:45 a.m.; Room B-138
We are a friendly group who enjoy a variety of lessons taught by various class members. Active in mission projects.
Good News – Seniors and Retired Adults
8:45 a.m.; Room B-136

Join us and hear the Good News! We study the New Testament and ancient Biblical times. We are active in church projects, fundraisers, day trips, and home gatherings.
Horace Edgmon/Daly Thompson – Seniors and Retired Adults
8:45 a.m.; Room B-135
Join us as we use the Adult Bible Series to deepen our faith. We support the Foundation and are active in community outreach groups.
Fruit of the Spirit – Women of all ages
8:45 a.m.; Room B-144
Join us to grow in the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control) through the study of God’s Word.

10:00 a.m. Classes

Sojourners – Adults All Ages
10:00 a.m.; Room A-115

Join this class for a deeper study of the Scriptures and apply its teachings to your life.
Still Waters – Married and Single, Mid-20’s – 40’s
10:00 a.m.; Room B-141

Join us as we study Scripture and current topics in a relaxed environment. No preparation required! Very active in missions.
Works in Progress – Couples 30’s-40’s with Children
10:00 a.m.; Room A-213

We are works in progress. Join us as we grow deeply in faith and service through topical and Biblically-based studies and discussion.
Amanda Young – Couples and Singles 30’s – 50’s
10:00 a.m.; Room B-135
We grow together in God’s love as we seek and study His Word, applying these studies to our daily lives. This class supports various children’s charities.
Common Ground –40’s -50’s
10:00 a.m.; Room B-136
We come from a variety of faith traditions and share a passion to learn Scripture, serve others, and lift each other up through fellowship. Join us as we find common ground in Christ.
Faith Followers – 40’s -50’s
10:00 a.m.; Room A-114

Join us for topical and Scripture-based studies that help us live and serve as we rely on faith to follow Jesus Christ. We are active servants in Children/Youth Ministry.
New Horizons – Couples with Children
10:00 a.m.; Room B-139
Join us for Bible and Biblically-based topical study lead by class members with lively group discussion. We are active in mission and programs of the church.
Aldersgate – High School Parents, Empty Nesters & Grandparents
10:00 a.m.; Room B-133

We are a warm and welcoming class who gather to study Scripture and go out to serve.
Kindred Spirits – Singles & Couples 50’s & Up
10:00 a.m.; Room B-132

Join us for Scripture-based lessons and open discussion. We support and nurture each other in good times and in bad times as we move closer in our relationship to God.
McSwiney – Couples & Singles 55 & Up
10:00 a.m.; Room B-134

Join us for an engaged study using the Adult Bible Series curriculum as we seek to apply Biblical principles to our lives and care for the community.
Seekers – Couples and Singles 50’s & Up
10:00 a.m.; Room B-138

Join us for topical discussion lead by group members and outside speakers.
Koinonia – Singles and Couples 60’s & up
10:00 a.m.; Room B-144

Koinonia is the Greek word for fellowship. We study the Bible using the Adult Bible Series and do multiple service projects throughout the year.

Intentional Parenting
10:00 a.m.; Room B-140

Intentional parenting focuses on raising children to become healthy, independent young adults. This 5-week series explores 10 specific actions that will help you become a more effective parent with God’s help. Room B140

11:15 a.m. Classes

Connections – Adults All Ages
11:15 a.m.; Room A-114
We dive into God’s Word using the Adult Bible Study Series and other short-term studies as we build friendships and serve God.
Disciple 1 Bible Study – Adults All Ages
11:15 a.m.; Room A-214
Join us for this 34 week intensive and transformational Bible Study covering the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
First Steps – All Ages
Connection Center – Main Lobby 1st Floor; 11:15 a.m.
This is a 6-week small group that helps you understand the “Why” of our church mission, the “What” of your next steps here, and the “How” of your participation with God’s redemptive plan for the world.