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And be the Hands and Feet of Jesus! I am in the third year of a Bible study with a group of 6 friends. Probably our favorite part is learning the back story and the reasons behind Jesus’ actions and miracles. Jesus knew that a person’s physical needs must be met so they can receive his spiritual [...]

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Giving Garden Update | September 18, 2023

It's okra season at the garden.  It's been okra season for a while, and it appears the season is not yet over!!  As with many gardeners, this year has produced an abundance of okra! I'm sharing with you today, a Giving Garden Update I wrote during the 2019 okra season. Enjoy! I saw Jesus at the [...]

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Giving Garden Update | Sept. 11, 2023

Something exciting is happening at The Giving Garden.  It’s a sight we haven’t seen for several years. Many of you know the story of how The Giving Garden started. After the congregation purchased the property and before construction of the church building began, Michael Jones saw plenty of unused land which seemed perfect for planting. [...]

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A Special Thank You & Fond Farewell

I hope you had the opportunity to work with this lady at The Giving Garden this year. Alina Moore was our 2023 Summer Intern.  We first met her a couple of years ago as a Page High School senior volunteering for service hours.  She applied for the intern position and we were delighted.  She is [...]

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End of Summer Project Transformation Celebration

Last night, Melissa Seehorn and wonderful daughter Caroline and I took food donated by Steve Fulton, the Sisters Circle and the Giving Garden to Antioch UMC for the final PT Family Fun Night of the year. (Today is the last day of programming for PT this summer.) I had been out of town for our [...]

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Inspiration for a Cross

Back in December, while the 2nd and 3rd floors were still under construction, Lucia Munoz asked me if I would make a cross for the 3rd floor chapel.  Ever since that visit, I have wondered how I would make a morticed joint cross, like I usually make, with three dowels to signify the Trinity gluing [...]

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Prayer of Confession | June 11, 2023

Call to Confession: Leader: When Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven, he promised to be with us always in the Word and Holy Spirit. In recognition of the presence of the Spirit with us today, let us confess our sins before God and one another. Prayer of Confession: All: Without your presence, Holy Spirit, we are [...]

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Getting a Bird’s Eye View at Global Big Day Bird Hike

At our recent Global Big Day Bird Hike, 34 species of birds were identified either migrating through, nesting, flying over, feeding, soaring and singing! From the Wild Turkeys strutting, to the Great Blue Herons flying through the air above Spencer Creek, the Red Tailed Hawks soaring, the Eastern Meadowlarks and Killdeer guarding their ground nests, [...]

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Prayer of Confession | May 7

Call to Confession: Leader: Christ is Risen. Not because of our perfection but because of his mercy. Confident in the grace of Jesus Christ, let us confess our sins before God and one another as together we pray... Prayer of Confession: All: Merciful God, we confess that we have not loved you with our whole [...]

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New Members Since March

Joined in March: Kyle Harris William & Taylor Whitaker Jim & Carol Hooper Chad & Heather Dunn Jackie Hutchins 2022/2023 Confirmation Class: George Altman Luke Bingham Layne Deckard Taylor Deckard London Fluegel Sophia Giannotti Lilly Hotchkiss Brody Jacobs Jase Kenney Grace Anne Kepley Madeline Knotts Brooks Mitchell Bex Peppers Cailyn Turvy Jay Van Vleet Membership [...]

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