Franklin, TN

Take the Reins at White Fawn Farm is a therapeutic riding ministry on the south side of Franklin serving children 4-18 years of age. Interaction with the horses helps children with emotional and physical needs experience love and build confidence. Certified PATH therapeutic riding instructors lead while volunteers help with various activities. Take the Reins at White Fawn Farm is a 501c3 organization with a Board of Directors.

At one time, Take the Reins was hosted on the farm of Franklin First church members. When those church members moved away, White Fawn Farms took over this mission, and Franklin First has gladly continued our partnership with this wonderful ministry. Franklin First has a specific passion for persons with special needs.

The work God is doing through Take the Reins is beautiful to behold and represents one way all people are welcome and beloved in God’s Kingdom.

There are two ways you can become involved in this mission.
1. You may sign up directly through Take the Reins to serve as a volunteer to assist the children during their riding sessions
2. You may join FFUMC on one of our workdays. On these days, FFUMC church members arrive at White Fawn Farms ready to help however we can. The work often includes tasks such as painting, cleaning, trimming trees and bushes, repairing fences and barns, and more. to sign up for help on workdays, contact Marilyn Holmes at

Whether you serve on a work day or become a regular volunteer at Take the Reins, we are confident you will be able to witness the joy and healing this place offers our community. We hope you will join us!