Last week we talked about how you can control your communication preferences for the groups that you are a part of within The Hub.  If you are on the roster of a Sunday school class or a Bible study, you’re already that group.  If you have children enrolled in a Sunday school class or a WNL small group, they are in the group(s) for those classes.  If you are on a committee within the church, you are in the group for that committee.  They will appear on the far-right side of your home page when you log in to The Hub.

What is the point of all of these groups?  Well…it goes back to the name of our vendor, Church Community Builder.   It’s all about building connections and community within the church.  Groups have the ability for members to interact with one another, share files (such as handouts or pictures from classes), have a common calendar to see what’s going on.  Members of groups have the ability to message one another through The Hub without having to know someone’s email address.  If each member maintains their contact information, it helps us stay connected if someone changes their email and/or phone number.  Rather than have silos of information all over Williamson County, all of the contact information for a group is one places, making it easier to transition leadership from one person to another.

What if you’re not in a group? You can log on to The Hub and search the groups – classes, studies, ministry areas, and more.   Simply click on Groups from the left-hand navigation menu to bring up the search screen for groups.

You can search by department or area of ministry.  If you are interested in an adult Sunday school class or Bible study, begin by typing Adult.  This will return all of the groups that fall under Adult Education Ministry.  Other areas you can search:

  • Children: Lists all groups under Children’s Ministry for infants through 6th grade
  • Youth: Lists all groups under Youth Ministry for children 7th through 12th grade
  • College: Lists all groups for college students
  • Worship: Lists all groups that fall under Worship Ministry (choir, handbells, and more)
  • Mission: Lists all groups in our Mission Ministry
  • Operations: Lists all groups that fall under our Operations Team, including Hospitality, Golf Carts, Bus Drivers, and more.

When you bring up the information for the group and the group is not a closed group, there is a button to Request to Join in the upper right corner. Clicking that sends a message to the group leaders to let them know that you are interested in becoming a part of that group.  The information screen also gives you information about the group – when and where it meets, who the group leaders are, and more.

If you are well-connected within the church and are part of multiple groups, The Hub puts your messages in one handy-dandy place from your Home page. Simply click on the MESSAGES tab on your Home screen to display all of the messages from all of your groups in one spot.

Let The Hub help you find your place in our Franklin First UMC world!