In our previous post, you read about what The Hub is and what you can do with it.  Because one of the intentions behind the use of this system is to build community, it’s important for each member to update their profile.

All members of Franklin First already have a profile because The Hub pulls from the membership database. Regular attenders who have provided us with contact information are also part of the database.  NOTE: If you get logged in and see your spouse’s name or one of your children’s names displayed, please DO NOT change it.  Contact the Membership Secretary in the church office to have the email address/username mapped to the correct profile.

Profile Data

What data can you update on your profile?

  • Name (again, if another member of your family is displayed when you log in, contact the church office). Please note that the First Name field is the name that you prefer to be called.  Your legal first name goes into a field called Legal First Name. 
  • Contact information (address, phone, email)
  • Marital status
  • Allergy that the church should be aware of
  • Preferred worship service
  • Emergency contact information
  • Military service

Profile Picture

Have you ever been asked if you know someone in the church and wished you could put a face with that name?  We encourage all members to upload a photo of themselves for their profile picture for this very reason. This is especially helpful to church staff to better learn the faces that go with all of the names of our congregation.  It’s also helpful from a security standpoint.  Please steer clear of using photos of animals or inanimate objects – we want to see your beautiful faces!

There is also a place to upload a family photo if you’d like to include a photo of your family on your profile.  It will be displayed as the family photo for each family member that is tied to your profile.

Family Members

If you are listed as the primary or spouse for a household, you can manage the profiles of the other members of your household.  Children and “other” family members can only manage their profiles through their own logins.

If you have kids listed in your family who are grown and flown, please contact me with their current contact information so that I can reach out to them to see if we need to transfer their membership to another church.

Video tutorial for updating your profile: