Another component to customizing your profile in The Hub is to complete the My Fit section to tell church leadership more about you and how we can best help you to serve with your spiritual gifts, your passions, and your God-given talents to support the life and ministries of Franklin FUMC.

  • Spiritual Gifts – After completing the spiritual gifts test on the Franklin FUMC website, update your My Fit with your spiritual gift test results.
  • Passions – Let us know what you are passionate about doing. Do you love to work with youth or older adults?  Do you have a passion for mentoring or global mission work?
  • Abilities – What can you do? Do you play musical instruments? Do you have carpentry skills? Are you a talented photographer?  Do you speak multiple languages?  We are always on the lookout for people with different skillsets for various projects and programs.
  • Personality Style – How do you work with others? Are you a task person or a people person? Filling out this section will help us identify potential volunteers for different projects based on our needs.

Q.  What do we do with this?

A.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will do searches of the database as various areas of ministry indicate a need for volunteers.  By having your information updated, it will enable her to identify church members for those pastors or lay leaders to reach out to about these opportunities.

Q.  How do I update it?

A.  From your profile on The Hub, click the ACTIONS button near that profile picture of your beautiful, smiling face and select My Fit.  The tabs for the four areas listed above are across the top of the pop-up window.  Click to indicate your gifts, passions, abilities, and personality style on each tab and click SAVE to update your profile.

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