Confirmation is an annual program in our youth ministry that seeks to equip teenagers to choose the Christian faith for themselves. As United Methodists, we baptize infants. This action is the parent choosing Christianity for their child. Our hope is that as that child grows and is nurtured in the Christian faith that he or she can learn about Christianity and choose to commit to that life for themselves. 415 Confirmation is open  to all youth in 7-12 grade. Students do not need to be baptized in order to participate in Confirmation!

Confirmation prepares students to take their vows of membership and Christian discipleship. Students learn about church history, UMC structure and social principles, foundational Christian belief and much more.

  • Included in the program are two retreats, visits to a Catholic Church and Jewish Temple, and other communities of faith. Youth attend a Wednesday night and two Sunday night programs during the class. This offers an opportunity for them to connect to the larger youth group community and experience a different aspect of the youth ministry.
  • As a part of this program youth select a Faith Friend (and adult other than their parent) to walk alongside them though this journey and beyond.
  • Finally, youth complete a 2 hour service learning project and a one-on-one conversation with a church staff member.

This program is led by many wonderful and dedicated teachers and mentors. It is a demanding program that prepares youth for a lifetime of discipleship and church membership. The curriculum is Claim the Name and Credo with our unique additions and special attention to areas of interest among those registered.

2019 Dates Coming Soon

Confirmation information coming soon.

Starting earlier in the year will allow a less rigorous pace as well as for periodic breaks for holiday weekends and youth retreats.

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