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Ephesians 3:20

Our mission is to lead people into a full life found in Jesus Christ.

We truly believe the Lord has position us to carry out this mission and be a redeeming force of hope and healing in our community and beyond.

Beyond Numbers

For more than 200 years we have witnessed breathtaking moments of life transformation in ourselves, our community and around the world. This is your invitation to join us in what’s coming next. There is one thing we can promise — our God always delivers more than what we can imagine.

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When we put our faith in God,
what seems beyond us is not beyond Him.

God has given Franklin First UMC a big mission to reach our community and our world. As a church, we are intentionally moving toward a way of living that is marked by love and generosity.

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What’s Next?

There are strategic moments in each of our lives when God calls us deeper, asking us to take the next step in our journey. These moments are the difference between living and leaving a legacy. As we go deeper in our relationship with God,we learn what it means to value Him above all else. God is the Giver of Life. He is our Provision. As we learn to give, we learn to risk. As we risk, we trust. As we trust God, we know God more. It’s in these moments that we hear God’s voice loud and clear.

The way you live your life is a reflection of your relationship with God. When you feel led to participate in a God-sized invitation, you will quickly realize you cannot do what God is asking on your own. This deepening of belief always requires faith and action. Here you are faced with a decision, trust God and keep moving ahead or choose another path. All of these feelings are perfectly normal, and what you do next is where faith enters the picture.

You might feel ready to give right here and now. That’s great! But most of us will need time over the coming weeks to think and process through where we are and what God wants us to do next. Spend time in prayer each day this month.
There is no formula, no quick accounting, no percentage target for your commitment. This is a very personal journey for everyone involved. One person might make a million dollar gift without changing their lifestyle, while another gives $10 a week and has to radically adjust their spending.
Whether you intend to give online ( or each week in the offering plate, go ahead and fill out your participation card and turn it in with your offering or drop it by the office during the week. This isn’t something set in stone, but helps us plan and be strategic about what we are able to achieve together for God’s purposes.
Tell others about why you believe in this vision. Let your friends know why this is so important to you that you’re making changes in your lifestyle to give. Your story will inspire others, but only if you tell it!

Steps to Discernment

An important step for understanding and experiencing God is clearly knowing when God is speaking. Here are some steps for understanding God’s plans, purposes and ways.

  • 1. Talk to a Pastor or Spiritual Director

    God often speaks through others with wisdom.

  • 2. Be alone in solitude to listen

    Invite God into your decision-making process.

  • 3. Tell God what you desire, what you fear, what you want for your church

    Be honest. God can handle your will but be prepared to know God’s will and do it.

  • 4. Know God has a plan for you

    Remind yourself that God desires a relationship with you and will reveal your purpose and life’s direction if you ask and wait.

  • 5. Pray

    Ask “What do you want me to do, God?” Pray for the courage to know it and follow it.

  • 6. Commit to the Prayer

    See what the prayer brings to you and the church.

Prayer | Practice | Pilgrimage

historic-sanctuary-pewsWelcome, Fellow Pilgrims! We begin a month-long journey that will help us as followers of Christ find moments of inner solitude. We will learn to listen with open hearts to movements of the Holy Spirit. We will use prayer forms that have been practiced by Christians for centuries that will teach us to listen and discern God’s will for us as we yearn to grow ever closer to our Creator.

Throughout this journey, we will be asked to prayerfully experience Five Pilgrimage Points which will progressively ask us to listen, open and grow more deeply in our love for the One who is.

Franklin First UMC is a community of faith remarkable in so many distinct ways. Our age—at 217 years—makes us one of the oldest Methodist churches in America. Few churches are so blessed by God.

Each of us who today claim Franklin First UMC as our church home has a vital role to play in what the future holds for our congregation. Before we get ahead of ourselves and start considering the future, we have an exciting journey of pilgrimage we want you to take. It presents an opportunity to be grounded in the legacy we have inherited from those faithful individuals who were just like us, but have now graduated to life eternal, leaving to us this that they had advanced in their time in this place.

This five-stage exercise will take little more than an hour a week to journey back in time to what historic Franklin was like in years past and discover for yourselves what a central role this church has played as a spiritual leader in this great city.

Download the Beyond Us Pilgrimage Points Here