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First UMC Men is dedicated to providing men with pathways for spiritual growth through fellowship, learning, service and small groups. Men of all ages have the opportunity to connect with and support one another of the journey of knowing, loving and serving God. They meet each Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m. in Asbury Hall. Find out additional information online at

November/December 2018 Study: The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible

How well do everyday Christians know the stories that have shaped their faith? More than just a collection of significant and entertaining stories, The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible impresses upon readers the beautiful interconnectedness of the varied narratives we find in the Bible.

  It connects the dots, demonstrating how each individual story is really one chapter in the larger story. It shows how Jesus, especially his death and resurrection, is the point of the story, even when the Son of God is not a key player. It helps readers build a biblical worldview that answers the ultimate questions of life

Readers will gain a better grasp of the whole story of Scripture and, most importantly, why these stories are the ones God chose to preserve for us through the writers of the Bible.